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Tour Moscow - Great Novgorod - Saint-Petersburg 8 days / 7 nights

Tours acquaints you with history of Russian Orthodox Church, spiritual life, orthodox relics, monuments of architecture and art of Russia. You will get acquainted wih feature of the architectural decision of orthodox temples, their internal furniture: the Altar, Tsar's Gates, church service, choral church singing.

 1 day  Arrival to Saint Petersburg. Meeting. Transfer. Accommodation in the hotel.
Sightseeing tour in Saint Petersburg. Survey of the basic sights of the center of Saint Petersburg: ensembles Palace, St.Isaac's, Senat Squares, Spirit Of Vasilivskiy Island, Nevskiy Prospect, the Cruiser "Aurora", ensemble of Smolny monastery.
Visit to Nikolsky's athedral and Spaso-Preobrgenskiy cathedral.
Excursion to Peter and Paul's Fortress which main sight is the Peter and Paul Cathedral - a place of a burial place of the Russian emperors.
Return to the hotel.
 2 day  Breakfast in the hotel.
Acquaintance wth the orthodox temples of city, their features of their architectural shapes, furniture.
Excursion to the St.Isaac's Cathedral - an oustanding monument of architecture of 19 century, the main cathedral of capital of Russian empire and now, the largest cathedral of the city, capable to contain about 14 thousand person.
Visit to the Kazan cathedral. Magnificent, majestic, grandiose. Admiration causes both architecture and internal furniture. In cathedral there is one of the main relics of St.-Petersburg - an icon of Kazan Divine mother in honour of which the temple is constructed.
Visit to the Trnity cathedral of Alexandro-Nevskiy Lavra,working man's monastery.
Return to the hotel.
Free time.
 3 day  Breakfast in the hotel.
One-day excursion to Great Novgorod (180 kms from Saint Petersburg) - one of the most ancient spiritual, cultural and shopping centers of Russia where there are unique old russian architectural ensembles of ancient Russian city: the Kremlin, Sofia cathedral, Yaroslavovo Dvoritshe, Yriev monastery, the Museum of wooden architecture.
Return to the hotel.
Free time.
 4 day  Breakfast in the hotel.
Excursion to the Hermitage - one of the oldest and largest art museums of the world.
The temple of Revival of Jesus (Our Savior On the Blood) - a sample of architecture of " Russian style " and monumental and decoration art of the end 19 - the beginnings of 20 centuries have been erected on a place of attempt at emperor Alexander II. The internal and external sides of a temple almost are entirely laid out by a mosaic that makes its unique example in the world of this art in XX.
Transfer to the railway station.
Departure to Moscow.
Night in a train
 5 day  Arrival to Moscow.
Meeting. Transfer.
Accommodation in the hotel.
Sightseeing tour in Moscow. Acquaintance with the most interesting architectural and historical monuments of the city: the Red area, Vasily Blazhennogo's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum, Novodevichiy Convent, a panorama of Moscow from Vorobjevyh mountains.
Visit to the Temple of the Christ of the Savior - the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church which prior is the Most holy Patriarch Moscow and all Russia Alex II.
The main relics of the Temple: the icon of Christmas Jesus brought by the Most holy Patriarch Alex from Bethlehem, six original restored cloths of artist V.P.Vereschagin and an original throne of the Most holy Patriarch Tihona in the main altar.
Return to the hotel.
Free time.
 6 day  Breakfast in the hotel.
Moscow Kremlin. Cathedrals. The biggest architectural ensemble of the world, include monuments, which were build from the period since the end of XV till XX century. Historcally Kremlin was the residence of power and in our days in it there is residence of President of Russia. This terittory was closed for visitors, but you can visit museums-cathedrals of the nesemble: Uspenskiy, Arhangelskiy, Blagoveshenskiy, church of Rispologeniya. Patriachie Palatu of XVII century with church of 12 Apostoles, ensemble of bell-tower of Ivan the Great.
Visit to the Diamond Fund, where is showed state collection of jewelry stones and jewelry items.
Return to the hotel.
Free time.
 7 day  Breakfast in the hotel.
One day tour to Sergiev Posad (62 km from Moscow)-so called by tourists "Russian Vatican". In XIV century here was founded one of the biggest and most famous monasteries in Russia-Saint-Trinity Sergievo Lavra, monument to peasant's architecture of XVI-XVII centuries. In central Trinity Cathedral are buried saint vigours of Prepodobniy Sergiy, are stored cones of Andrei Rublev.
Famous "Trinity" was written especially for this cathedral.
Tour around Saint-Trinity Sergievo Lavra with visit to Uspenskiy and Trinity Cathedrals.
Return to the hotel.
Free time.
 8 day  Breakfast in the hotel.
Transfer to the airport (railway station).
Departure from Moscow.

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